"By Far one of the best massages I have had! She is very personal, nice and has a natural gift as a MT." - James F.


"She is Calm and listens to you!" -  Elizabeth L.


"Excellent. I feel much better" - Joanne H.


"I came in with two sites on my body that had kinked up muscles and Laura was able to smooth them out and take away the schiness in those areas. She really caters her technique to what your body needs. She's fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone" - Sue H.


"She did so much more than I expected to relieve my aches." - Dot R.


"Lora was highly professional and I feel so so much better today! My back is knot free! I feel energized! I've had many massages and worked in nutrition industry for two years, so I feel like her work was right on! She's very knowledgeable and has also very pleasant personality!" - Suzanne S.


"Excellent job!" - Nancy B.


"She is More than just a masseuse who tries to only relax your body. She really stretches and works out muscle groups that are giving you a problem." - Elena J.


"Lora is very nice, has wonderful prices, it's very pleasant to talk to and is very helpful when you are hurting." - April P.


"Very relaxing experience! - Karen K.

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