About the Practitioner

Name: Lora Petchkurow, LMT
Education: ATI - Lewisville

Practice Philosophy:  Massage is not just for relaxation it is good for your health and well-being!

Why I do what I do:
I have always had a interest in massage from a young age. When I moved back to Texas, I found there was a school not far from me. I enrolled and loved every day of my training. I graduated Magna Cum Laude November 2010. I enjoy helping each one of my clients improve their health, through massage and recommendation of other avenues such as Chiropractic, Yoga/Pilates, Gym work, and Acupuncture 

A little bit about me: I enjoy reading, poetry, relaxation, movie soundtracks, jazz, and international music.

I have one sibling a brother who is also in the medical profession. 

I have an interest in International clothing, International festivals, museums, and cultural related things. 

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